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# Highlights for Release - New Veteran Summary form - Updated PiT Count module with 2024 version of the survey - 31 Minor changes and 22 bug fixes. # What's Different **Application Settings** - Introduced a configuration option to prompt users for attestation after a specified period of time. **Assessments** - Updated headers and tool tips for SPDAT/VI-SPDAT assessments. - Moved question 9 and 10 of the VI-SPDAT Family V3 survey to the correct category. **Bulletins** - Corrected pagination implementation for bulletins on the domain side. **Case Management** - Added "Case Worker" to filter options. - Added pagination to the case management sessions list for improved navigation performance. **Clients** - Resolved rendering inconsistency for apostrophes in HIFIS name fields in client vitals. - Fixed issues with duplicate “unknown” housing statuses. [feedback: 163460] - Fixed the “Display Client Vitals” right being associated to the wrong right. [feedback: 163444] - Resolved issue where client search was not generating expected results. [feedback: 163477] - Fixed Alias 2 field not being searchable. - Improved performance for Client Search by optimizing Racial Identity handling. - Added an option to divert a client after their file has been created. **Coordinated Access** - Reduced the number of decimal places in percentage housing history to two. - Missing data points now appear as "0" or "unknown". - Added a new rights option to allow users to access the Coordinated Access Summary. **Diversion** - Added the ability to return the diversion workflow instructions to the default text. - Added Diversion to the list of activities. [feedback: 163520] - Added a "Housed Safely" question to page 3 of the diversion workflow. [feedback: 163517] - Added the ability to create a new person (People) from the diversion form. - Added Housing History preview to the standard Diversion form. - Diversion records are now listed when a family member has been added to the diversion form. - Fixed date fields in HIFIS_Services to correctly use the diversion record date instead of the created date. **Encampments** - Resolved issue where the number of anonymous clients resets after editing an encampment. - Fixed 'Anonymous Clients' label being covered by the associated field. **Group Activities** - Included group activities in the client activity log. **Incidents** - Added the ability to delete documents in incident records. **Look-up Tables** - Updated look-up values to align with the Homelessness Glossary for Communities terminology. - Added "Dosage Type" to the list of look-up tables to allow uses to customize the values. **Medication Dispensing** - Changed 'Pill Count' label to 'Unit Count' to accommodate different types of medication. - Allowed medication dispensing for clients that aren't admitted to a Service Provider. Note: Only the service provider who is the owner of the medication record will be able to dispense medication to a client. **Outreach** - Added a filter to view outreach service records within a specific time frame. - Introduced a non-map view for locations attached to outreach services. **PiT Count** - Updated the PiT Count module with the 2024 version of the survey. - Added validation to Question 3 of the survey to screen out respondents below the age of 13. - Limited possible answers for Question 7 based on the response to Question 6. - Introduced an "Abandoned" button to the Data Entry Survey. - Added “Enumeration” as a value in the "Reason for Abandoned Survey" table. **Questionnaires** - Exported questionnaires now validate null values in answered questions. **Reservations** - Added proper validation for blank date and time fields when creating a reservation. **Service Provider** - Created a new table to record changes to Service Provider details. - Implemented restrictions to limit user access rights when creating a new service provider. - Corrected parent Service Provider list display when editing settings of a Service Provider outside the current cluster. **Service Restriction** - Fixed the sorting feature for the "Reason for Restriction" column in the Service Restriction list. [feedback: 164249] **System** - Province and city information is no longer mandatory for addresses outside Canada. - Updated the DateGreaterThan validation message for clarity. - Aligned HIFIS logo properly on all window sizes. [feedback: 163486] - Fixed incorrect link in the Housing History out-of-date banner. **Turnaways** - Ensured turn aways list shows records when a client is added as a family member. **Users** - Fixed the Quick Access Button functionality in the new HIFIS update. - Corrected the password reset URL to include the missing prefix. [feedback: 163446] **Veteran** - Updated the Veteran module to allow for better data capturing. [feedback: 163656] - Added a "Referred to VAC" date field in the Veteran Summary form. # Known Issues (New) [feedback: 165340] [feedback: 165355] [feedback: 166133]