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## ACRE Consulting's Summary: > A lot of issuse with are addressed in this update, but a small number of issues were created. It's almost there! Hold off until the remaining major bugs are addressed. # Highlights for Release - Fixed issue displaying housing status records multiple times; - Historical chronicity information is now stored properly in the database; - Fixed rights issues linked to the diversion form; - 10 minor changes and 34 bug fixes. # What's Different **Administration** - Fixed error message when a user attempts to delete a Diversion record using the Client Service Delete module. [feedback: 163490] - The header on the Diversion Workflow steps has been translated when using HIFIS in French. - Merging clients no longer results in an error [feedback: 163485] **Admissions** - Fixed bug where users were not able to reserve beds that are currently being used. - Fixed bug where users were not able to deactivate a room. - Users can now add a Diversion Attempt from the Admissions module (Front Desk and Client Management menu). **Assessments** - The scorecard and the administration section of the VI-SPDAT v3 Adult, v3 Family, and v2 Youth are now in the same order as the survey. - Fixed bug where if your first response to a new VI-SPDAT assessment, after filling out the administration section, is to “Refuse” a question, then an error message would appear. - When editing a VAT record, the “File on Record” field has been fixed to be properly aligned. **Case Management** - Fixed issue where users could not close cases. [feedback: 163494] **Client Details** - Client’s details page now has a matching header. Client - Vitals --> Client - Details - The “Date of Death” field has been fixed and no longer appears as a dropdown field. [feedback: 163498] - The “Private Service Provider” label now appears as “Fournisseur de services privé” in the client tombstone when using HIFIS in French. **Coordinated Access** - Fixed issue where if there were housing records that started over 30 days ago, and ran into the “Last 30 Days”, they were not counted towards a client’s percentage housing completed statistics. **Diversion** - Clients with a recent diversion attempt will now have an alert on their profile, similar to a service restriction alert. - Users can now add a housing history record to a client’s diversion record, regardless of whether they were housed safely the night before. - When Anonymous is not selected in the scrolling Diversion form, users can now enter the following information: Add Income if “Financial Assistance Provided” is toggled to Yes, Add Contact, Add Contributing Factors, Add Goods and Services" - Edit Diversion screen is now the same for form and workflow [feedback: 163505] - HIFIS_Services now has an end date for Diversions with Goods & Services attached [feedback: 163497] - Fixed bug where the “Client Information” and “Client Management” options no longer appeared when a user was on a client’s diversion list. - Users are no longer able to access modules they do not have the proper rights to from the Diversion forms. - The “Scheduled Follow-Up” field in the Workflow version of the diversion form is no longer mandatory. [feedback: 163507] - Users who are editing a diversion record can now cancel the process without changing the status to “Abandoned”. [feedback: 163506] - Users can now add Goods and Services in the diversion form when the program field is mandatory. [feedback: 163504] **Encampments & Outreach** - Added Bing key to viewbag on all pages to remove message requesting credentials when using the map view. - Fixed issue with outreach capable services always creating address relations in the database. [feedback: 163500] - The Outreach module now only displays records associated to the Service Provider you are currently logged into. [feedback: 163511] **Housing Status & Chronicity** - Fixed issue where a new entry was added everyday for the client’s housing status in the client’s vitals history. [feedback: 163514] - When you delete a client’s Housing History record, if there are no other records in their file, the housing status will now change back to “Unknown”. - A historical record of a client’s chronicity information is now properly recorded and stored in the database. [feedback: 163512] **Landlords** - Reintroduced the Geo Region and City filters to the filter options menu. **PiT Count** - Changed the naming of COH/COH CORE questions to Optional questions when setting up a PiT Event. - When adding local questions, if you create a single or multi selection question and use the same response in 2 or more questions, the response will now appear for all questions it is assigned to, instead of only the original. - The PiT Survey will now only accept integers (non-fractional numbers) in fields that only accept numerical values. - Updated export files to match the 2024 version of the Poin-in-Time (PiT) Count Survey. - When users create a local question and select the “Yes/No” type, the question now will have the same type of available responses as the Core survey. **Programs** - Fixed bug where inactive programs without an end date were not appearing in the inactive tab. **Service Restrictions** - Fixed issue where if a Service Provider had too many service restrictions, the page failed to load and returned an error if they selected to view “All”. **System** - User can now change the language of the End-User License Agreement (EULA) when accessing HIFIS for the first time. - When viewing the “Bed Count History” tab on the Data Export, the page now properly shows the number of entries, instead of “Showing 0 to 0 entries”. **Users & Rights** - Users who don’t have the right to edit or view the Workflow steps no longer see these actions. [feedback: 163522] - Reorganized the SPDAT/VI-SPDAT rights tree and removed duplicates. [feedback: 163487] - Reintroduced the “Add PiT Volunteer” button from the User list page. - Removed the ability of non-admin users to clone Admin user rights. - Updated Goods and Services rights labels to be more accurate. | Old Label | New Label | | -------- | -------- | | Activities | Services | |Add Activity Record | Add Service Records | |Delete Activity Record| Delete Service Records | |Display Activity | Display Service | |Edit Activity Records | Edit Service Records | # Database Changes **New tables: ** - HIFIS_BedCountHistory - HIFIS_Client_RacialIdentities - HIFIS_ClientRacialIdentityTypes - HIFIS_Clients_Diversions - HIFIS_DiversionDestinationTypes - HIFIS_DiversionDestinationTypes_SP - HIFIS_Diversions - HIFIS_DiversionStatusTypes - HIFIS_DiversionStatusTypes_SP - HIFIS_DiversionWorkFlowSteps - HIFIS_EncampmentLocationTypes - HIFIS_EncampmentLocationTypes_SP - HIFIS_Encampments - HIFIS_Encampments_Clients - HIFIS_ReasonForDisbandedTypes - HIFIS_ReasonForDisbandedTypes_SP - HIFIS_SPDAT_HousingYouthv2Types - HIFIS_SPDAT_YesNoNATypes **Alterations:** - Chronic homelessness is now stored in HIFIS_ClientHistoryChanges.FieldTypeID = 18 instead of 17 # Known Issues [feedback: 163479] [feedback: 163478] [feedback: 163477] [feedback: 163442]