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# Release Highlights * Code refactoring to improve the performance of the Coordinated Access and Admissions modules. * Validation rules added to improve data accuracy. * 18 minor changes and 24 bug fixes. # Minor changes Minor changes included in this release: Admissions - Code refactoring performed in the Admissions module. Application Settings - Removed dependency between the Application Settings module and This will allow users to continue using the Application Settings module even if communication with cannot be established. Case Management, Consent, Documents - Multiple attachments can be added to a record at once. Clients - Added a validation rule to the Veteran Status field. Only clients who are 16 years of age or older can have a relevant Veteran status. Clients 15 and younger are automatically recorded as "Not a Veteran". - Users who add new clients are asked to confirm the clients age if they are 85 years of age or older. - The client list page shows active clients by default when producing initial results. Client List Columns on the client list page can be sorted. - Clients remain active while they are booked into a shelter. Consent - Coordinated Access + Explicit consent type is now available as a bundle in the Consent module. Coordinated Access - Code refactoring performed in the Coordinated Access module. Coordinated Access Financial Profile - Added a validation rule to the following income type: Aboriginal Band Council. Only clients who identify as Indigenous can be tagged with this income type. - Added a validation rule to the following income type: Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security. Only clients 60 years of age or older can be tagged with these income types. Look Up Table - Removed "HPS" (Homelessness Partnering Strategy) in the "Program" look up table and replaced it with the current program name RH (Reaching Home). - Added a new look up value in the Income table: English: Other Canada Pension Plan Benefits, French: Autres prestations du régime de pensions du Canada Mandatories - The "Treaty Number" and "Home Reserve" fields can now be disabled or tagged as mandatory. Reports - Removed dependency between the Reports module and This will allow users to continue using the reports module even if communication with cannot be established. System - Refactoring JavaScript to be more general and robust for future development. - Added security directives to web config template to tighten up security according to best practice. # Bug fixes Bug fixes included in this release: Appointments - Fixed clients from other clusters appearing in the "With" field. Client Service Delete - Users can now delete a housing loss prevention record. Client Vitals History - Fixed the Client Vitals History log not recording changes from the Veteran module. Consent - Fixed clients appearing across the cluster once their declined-anonymous consent expired. [feedback: 163594] Coordinated Access - Fixed clients appearing multiple times on the Unique Identifier List if they have duplicate income amounts across multiple records. [feedback: 163598] - Fixed clients appearing multiple times on the Unique Identifier List due to housing placement, service restriction and household records. [feedback: 163600] [feedback: 163599] [feedback: 163596] Family - Clients associated to another service provider with declined consent now appear as “Hidden Client” in the Family module. Food Bank - Fixed the form to allow the creation of new food bank records when accessing it via the Front Desk. Help - Fixed grey "Get Help" icon that produced an error message. Housing History, Housing Placement, Housing Loss Prevention - "Landlord" field added to the housing history form Users can now add, remove or change the landlord for housing records. - Fixed the "Next Follow up" date field not remaining mandatory when trying to edit a housing loss prevention record. [feedback: 163631] - Fixed housing loss prevention records not updating the move in date when editing the information under housing history. Housing Unit - Fixed user rights for housing units. Users no longer see the buttons for actions they do not have the rights to for other service providers. Incident - Fixed incident records allowing clients to be both involved and a witness to an incident. Pit Count - Fixed COH questions not deactivating properly when removing question from the PiT Count survey. - Fixed PiT Count export list not loading when an old export exists. Questionnaire - Fixed and added missing "Delete" action. Users can now delete questions from a questionnaire. Note: Only questions that have not answered can be deleted. Rights - Fixed "List Stay Records" right, users without the appropriate right can no longer see stays from other service providers. - Replaced "HIFIS" with "SISA" in the rights tree when using HIFIS in French. Rooms and Beds - Fixed the form to add new beds; leaving the "Additional Beds to add" field empty does not prevent the creation of a single bed. Service Provider - Added validation to prevent duplicate service provider names on the same HIFIS site. Service Restriction - Fixed the missing delete action on the service restriciton list on the front desk. System - Fixed the elmah log displaying password inputs. Users - Added a proper error message when attempting to clone a user with an existing username.