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# Release highlights * 7 new reports, such as: a housing placement summary, shelter population report, stay statistics report * A "Reports Marketplace" functionality that helps access updated and newly created reports. * The Point-in-Time (PiT) Module: Updated Point-in-time count module with stable functionalities to better support Everyone Count 2020. * Custom Tables: Expanded functionality for custom tables. * Data export: Updated export function to make the export of anonymous fields to Employment and Social Development Canada's Reaching Home easier. In particular: * Optimization changes to the export function; and * Test data exports possible from non-production instances of HIFIS. # New feature and major changes * Auto-populated fields that show: Default HIFIS roles (such as Staff, Caseworker); Clients; People; Locations; Service Providers; Look-Up Tables Custom Tables * Text headers and line breaks as well as description text to create 'subsections', making custom tables easier to navigate Custom Tables * Custom Tables functionality extended to the Finance, Admissions, and Directory of Services Modules Custom Tables * Option to allow a dropdown selection (for example, 'other') to populate a text field for additional clarification Custom Tables * Drop-down menu items can be ordered Custom Tables * The Report Marketplace is a new feature that allows communities to get updated HIFIS Core reports without having to wait for a release. Report * Housing Placement Summary: Provides summary information on Housing Placement records updated during the selected reporting period. New reports * My Calendar: Provides information in a calendar layout, for the selected reporting period. For example, cases and housing placements for a particular caseworker, New reports * Client Profile: Provides information for the selected client. For example demographic information and a record of the interactions the client had with HIFIS. New reports * Shelter Population and Stay Statistics: Provides statistics on shelter occupancy and client demographics. For example contributing factors and health issues. New reports * PiT Count: Provides statistics about each PiT Count Survey question entered in HIFIS and a demographic summary of the population surveyed. New reports * Survey: Provides statistics about each questionnaires question created in HIFIS. New reports * Bed Nights Monthly Updated/Enhanced reports * Case Management Clients Updated/Enhanced reports * Goods and Services – Site Updated/Enhanced reports * SPDAT – Summary Updated/Enhanced reports * SPDAT Updated/Enhanced reports * VI-SPDAT – Summary Updated/Enhanced reports * VI-SPDAT Updated/Enhanced reports * Surveys Updated/Enhanced reports * Turn away Summary Updated/Enhanced reports * VAT – Summary Updated/Enhanced reports * VAT Updated/Enhanced reports * New Data Export table added to capture data export history. Data Export * Non-production instances of HIFIS are able to export data for testing purposes. Administration * Added notification in the Export view that indicates if the Admin user's email is not set. Automatic Export notifications are sent to the Admin User. Administration * For unknown service providers, current users are not displayed in records that affect multiple service providers. Rights * Users are no longer able to remove service providers from records from which they don't have the appropriate access rights. Rights # Minor Changes * Broadcast messages appear for a longer period of time for users to see on the screen Communications * PiT Market only shows approved questions PiT * Deletion of pre-saved VAT record when user clicks Cancel button from new VAT Intake page VAT * "Waiting list - clients edit" page attached to the Waiting Lists – Client List user right Waiting Lists * Added some missing cities/communities in "HIFIS_CityTypes" Table Look-ups * Communities can customize a new stoplist for the client search Clients * Site managers can configure the database command timeout value Configuration * New information panel for export status added to data export view Data export * User rights have been refined for the data export Data Export * Status date in Housing Units is mandatory Housing Units * Medication dispensing views are updated in real-time Medication * Medication dispensed can be 'undone' Medication * Changed the ordering of submenu items from 'position' to 'title' in Client information menu Clients * Server status information displayed on error pages Error * The alignment of the column headers on the waiting list's "manage clients" page has been fixed Waiting list * Group activities default to sort by date rather than time Group activities * Housing loss prevention date label correctly reflects column contents Housing loss prevention * User names can no longer be created with leading or trailing spaces Users * Custom tables for case management records are shown in the 'Edit' views Case Management, Custom Tables * Updated ESDC homelessness program reference to "Reaching Home" Various * Program history table is paginated to improve loading time and eliminate potential timeouts Programs # Bug Fixes * Fixed the issue with 'mandatory stars' appearing in the wrong field when using custom tables Custom Tables * Fixed issue with sites having difficulties connecting to ESDC's export web service (the National Homelessness Information System (NHIS) web service). Difficulties can include: mismatch of security protocols between host server and TARS; export file sizes being too large. Administration * Fixed the time-out issue when users navigate from the Edit Placement view to Clients list pages Housing Placement * Fixed issue with the Housing Loss Prevention List where the Start Date was not sorting correctly when adding new subsidy entries Housing Loss Prevention * Fixed issue with dates not appearing on the form when editing bed status history Rooms and Beds * Fixed the missing delete button for users who have the right to "Delete" specific values under HIFIS Modules Rights * Fixed the URL to the registration module under the Administration module Registration * Fixed the calculation of the DOB that appears on the client list page Client List * Fixed the missing Antiforgerytoken to allow switching between users using the pop up login form User Access * Added authentication objects to all calls made by the application even when a user is not authenticated User Access * Fixed the client search tool when "Minimum Character Input for Search" has a value over "0" and "Restrict Client Search" is disabled Application settings * Fixed the Pre-Survey score for the F-VI-SPDAT to reflect a single parent family Assessments * Fixed "Place" drop-down menu showing inactive locations Places * Fixed issue with "add from PIT Market" button PiT * Fixed issue with label display in reports Reports * Watch concerns retain 'created' information when edited Client - Various Factors * Users can no longer access records they don't have the rights to if they are given a direct link to a page User Access * Fixed issue preventing users from adding contacts to user immediately after creation Users * Fixed issue with finding clients with known stop words in their name Clients * Resolved typos in HIFIS Labels Various * "Save and start family" button only appears if user has the add family right Clients * End date can no longer be before start date when exporting records to excel Various * Revised user rights in application settings page Application settings * Document list no longer displays html elements as plain text Documents * Resolved layout issues with misaligned "Save" and "Cancel" button on "Edit Housing Unit" page Housing Unit * Resolved empty error banner from appearing in reports with no parameters Reports * Fixed issue with broken waiting list table preventing sorting functionality Waiting lists * Resolved issue with long waiting list load times Waiting lists * Resolved issue with housing loss prevention start dates not saving changes Housing loss prevention * Resolved issue with booking in the starting client when booking in a family Admissions * Fixed issue with anti-forgery request tokens blocking the password reset functionality Users * Fixed issues with audit fields not correctly updating in some modules Admissions, Housing Placement, VAT, SPDAT * Fixed broken link from the Cancel button on the 'Add Fixed Cost' page Programs * Fixed broken link when editing Medication records on some HIFIS implementations Medications