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# Release Highlights * The Point-in-Time (PiT) Module: Updated Point-in-time count module with additional features and to address bugs. * Translation: Updated translation of HIFIS labels and Look-up tables. * 7 minor changes * 25 bug fixes, including the PiT module updates. # Minor Changes * Added the ability to enable “Hidden Homeless” for a PiT Event. PiT Count * Added the ability to enable “Registry Week” for a PiT Event. PiT Count * Added the definition of “Homelessness” over PiT Core question 3. PiT Count * Adjusted the text alignment for several questions. PiT Count * Changed the design of PiT Core question 14. PiT Count * Removed "Create PiT Template" button. PiT Count * New right allows you to recalculate a VAT score. Users will be able to calculate scores for surveys that were not initially saved. Assessments - VAT # Bug Fixes * Fixed screening questions not saving when using the scrolling survey. PiT Count * Fixed issue of alphanumeric keyboard appearing when filling in field that allows only digits (mobile devices). PiT Count * Fixed issue preventing keyboard to disappear after clicking on “Go” or “Enter” for fields that allow only digits (mobile devices). PiT Count * Fixed PiT Count surveys saving as “complete” when only survey details is filled. PiT Count * Fixed issue allowing multiple incomplete surveys. PiT Count * Fixed issue with PiT Core question 8 crashing when selecting Nunavut. PiT Count * Fixed issue with PiT Core question 8 filter remaining when changing the answer. PiT Count * Fixed issue with new survey being created when refreshing the web page. PiT Count * Fixed issue with continuous loading when editing a reservations. Admissions * Fixed issue with audit fields not correctly updating in some modules. Admissions, Housing Placement, VAT, SPDAT * Removed orphaned turnaway records that were left in database. Administration - Client Service Delete * Fixed issue with “View all session details” showing all of the contributing factors. Now shows only the contributing factor showing for the case. Case Management * Fixed the error that would appear when using “Send to all providers” under Bulletin. Communications * Fixed confidential documents being accessible and editable by other users. Document * Fixed “Last updated” date not updating when editing a document. Document * Fixed the total amount appearing when adding items in the food bank. Food Bank * Fixed issues with all clients appearing in the demographics of group activities, regardless if the client attended or not. Group Activities * Fixed issues allowing you to pick a target date that that precedes the start date of housing placement. Housing Placement * Fixed issue with declined consent clients appearing in the incident drop down list. Incidents * Fixed Case management not appearing in clients “goods and services”. Goods and Services * Fixed inaccurate and missing French translations. Look-up tables and others * Leading and trailing spaces are now removed from client names in the Data Base. Clients * Adding a profile picture is now linked to the correct user right – “Add Profile picture”. Clients * Fixed incorrect linking with Custom Tables on case records. Case Management – Custom Tables * Scrolling surveys will identify unanswered questions on an incomplete survey. PiT Count