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Link Family Stays

In Admissions, you can book in multiple clients at the same time but they're considered distinct Stays; they're not tied together in the database in any way other than they were booked in at the same time. But you can book in unrelated people so simply being booked in at the same time does not indicate that you're in a family. You can look up whether a person is part of a family at the time of the book-in, or at some time during the stay, but the rules for this are pretty fuzzy. Is a stay a "family stay" if they were in a family at the time of the book in? What about if they got put into a family 10 minutes later, since a staff entered it in incorrectly? What if I'm a pregnant mom and a week after I book in I have a baby and now it's a new family? What if it was a family stay, but somebody left halfway through? The point is that every single report out there needs to reinvent the wheel when it comes to counting how many family stays there were In contrast, in modules like Case Management or Housing Placements or Turnaways, there's a primary client and then you can additionally add family members and they're kind of like secondary clients, I guess. So if you want to ask me the exact same questions about Housing Placements, I can easily tell you the family composition of the people we served in Housing Placements, because they all have the same ServiceID and HousePlacementID. So basically we need a way to be able to link household stays, on book in.