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Ending Services with Expired Consent

Here’s a big pain point: when you have a client with expired consent, but they’re in the middle of receiving services. Like, they’re booked into a shelter, or they have an open case file. I get that with no consent, the principle of you can’t modify the client’s information is good and valid, but there’s a problem I think where HIFIS is conflating modifying information and ending a service. So for example to close a case file, you need permission to Edit the case file, and you have to click the Edit button, which also lets you, say, change the caseworker or otherwise modify information. I think globally it would be helpful to have a separate right and button to simply close services. Like there’s a separate right and button to close bulletins. In Admissions, Book-Out is already a separate right. But there should probably be a separate right for CM and other modules like storage, subsidies, HPs, and any other ongoing service. Not saying that you couldn’t close a case file by editing it (in this proposed future), but to have a separate button that JUST closes it. Like with bulletins. Obviously, since this describes lots of different modules and cases, I’m putting it as a longer-term fix. Anyways, we need the ability to close services for clients with expired consent. Right now people tell me they are doing workarounds like: disabling Enforce Consent for an hour and then turning it back on, or editing the Consent Expiry Date to tomorrow then changing it back, just so they can close these services. - Option 1: grant the Admin a permanent exemption to the Enforce Consent rule. The Admin can do whatever they like to client files, regardless of whether the consent is valid or not. Forever. - Option 2: create a Database Maintenance option that’s something like “bulk expire all services for clients with expired consent” - Option 3: just add these close buttons throughout the software - Option 4: create an automatic process of when consent expires, also automatically close all services (this could be problematic if, say, a client's consent expires for a few days before getting reactivated, thought) - Option 5: have a button or something on a client file, that says, bulk expire all services for *this* client. Maybe this can be like the Client Service Delete option.