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Close Consent vs Edit

I would like to see a specific button on the consent screen that just says “Withdraw consent” or “Expire” or “end” or “close” I don’t know what it should be called but all it lets you do is add an end date. In an ideal world, the user can choose the end date and add an optional note about it. (That note can just be the existing Comments field) This should be governed by a separate, new right. Separate from Edit. Why? We probably want most staff to be able to end a consent, but not edit the other fields. Furthermore, there’s an issue since consents are “owned by” a SP. If I consent at SP A and then I go to SP B and say that I withdraw my consent, the staff at SP B cannot end the consent created by SP A. So the ability to end a consent overrules who owns the consent record. I’ve noticed that some consent date fields are un-editable. It’s a bit weird. Like, if I added a CA + Explicit consent, it creates two records, and I can edit the Start Date for Explicit but not for CA. Now I’m assuming that this probably has to do with an accountability trail. We can let people add comments to a consent when they edit it, but they can’t change the start date. However, this does have problems like what if they signed the consent form yesterday but I only added the record today? I think adding the close consent button, which is separate from editing the consent, would be helpful. Then those un-editable fields can be editable again, but only by people with the right permission, which would probably be just admins at this point.