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Bed selection in Historical Stay- Admissions module

In Version and 4.0. 60.1 users are no longer able to manually select the actual bed/room that clients. The decision making process that HIFIS now uses is resulting in the wrong bed/room/ location being chosen which is not accurate and is impacting our statistics and the shelters understanding of where specific clients have been over the course of weeks/months. Support Desk as informed us that: "Removing the bed name from the historical stays was a strategic move on the developers side. The Change was made because it was causing other issues for users being unable to create historical stays if a client was already booked in, causing them to have to be booked out in order to create a historical stay. HIFIS will choose a bed based on the following criteria: 1. Does the SP have active beds over the stay's entire date range? * if no, return error stating "no beds exist" 2. if beds exist for the whole historical stay period... * Does Client have other stays? * Pick the bed they used closest to these dates, if available 3. If no recent stays or recent bed is unavailable... * Get list of available beds for the date range chosen 4. If no beds were available over date range... * Get list of all beds that existed for date range, even if already booked * Force double booking.