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Book-Out leads to Add Housing History

When a client does a book-out, the Reason for Discharge field is mandatory. If the user selects one of the housed options, like "Housed - Independent" for example, HIFIS should automatically be adding a Housing History record. Here's what I'd like to see: 1. A user does a book-out and on the Book Out screen, selects a housed option in reason for discharge 2. The user clicks save 3. HIFIS detects that one of the "housed" options has been selected, and redirects the client to the Add Housing History screen 4. The Add Housing History screen should automatically enter the start date = the date of the book-out 5. The Add Housing History screen should automatically select the Housing Type (looked up from the Reason for Discharge) 6. The user can then add the rest of the details and hit save. This would go a long way to ensuring that housing status and housing transitions are being calculated correctly, and make the CHR have better data, and result in less work for shelter staff.