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Edit Diversion shows different screen for workflow vs form

I'm not clear on, once you do a Diversion Workflow versus a Diversion Form, why the software remembers whether it was a Workflow or Form, and shows a different Edit form accordingly. First of all, this is unnecessary - the Workflow is only useful in the moment, and not helpful if you have to edit it for some reason. For example, maybe you want to change the Referred From field, because the client didn't disclose it initially. If you edit the "Diversion Workflow, it'll take you back to editing page 7 and you have to first remember what page the Referred From field is on and then navigate through all the pages back to it. That's cumbersome for the user. It also seems simpler from a development standpoint to store the data equally and not care how it was entered, much like how it doesn't matter if you do an "Express Goods" transaction or a "Goods & Services Transaction," the data is stored exactly the same and it looks the same after you've recorded it. So, in conclusion, there should be one consistent Edit Diversion screen that you get to when you hit the Edit button, regardless of which way the Diversion was recorded, and it should take you to a one-page form that has all of the fields on one screen.