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Ability to disable explicit consent option

We are currently running build I have an consent related enhancement request to submit for a future HIFIS patch. We would like to be able to disable the “Explicit” consent type option in the consent drop down when creating a client or a consent record. When we upgraded our HIFIS instance from 58 to the 59 version, we selected the option to convert all our Explicit consent records into Coordinated Access + Explicit consent, since our consent form already included consent for entry into the Coordinated Access system. We are running into a process issue where we can not stop users from selecting the “Explicit” option when creating new consent records, when really they should be selecting Explicit + Coordinated Access consent. This results in clients being created with only the Explicit record (just like they used to be prior to v59) and thus are missing from the CA list, even if they meet all the other criteria. We have tried to train workers not to use the “Explicit” option, but unfortunately we have a lot of users who are not understanding this requirement to get their clients into the CA system, even after multiple reminders. The only way we can fix this currently is our HIFIS coordinator reviewing a custom report and adding the missing CA consent. If we had some other way to prevent “Explicit Only” clients from being created, it would increase our data quality for the ESDC export as well as save our coordinator a lot of time manually reviewing the files that have explicit consent but are missing CA consent. This would affect the add client screen (with enforce consent) where we would like the ability to remove “Explicit” as an option. This would also affect the Client Management -> Consent screen As well as the Enforce Consent popup when that setting is enabled.