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Financial Assistance Module

Add a new module to allow users to record the provision of financial assistance (i.e. First & Last Month’s Rent, Moving Costs, Damage Deposit, Rental Arrears, Utility Arrears, Debt Relief, etc.) # **Why?** - No current way to record (closest is Goods & Services) - Lots of communities provide this service # **How?** - Simplest way would be to add a new tab to Goods & Services - I would prefer a new module (appears on Front Desk Menu as Financial Assistance) - Fields required: Date and time, type (see above), amount (dollars), program, caseworker **Priority: High** # **Future add-ons** - You could attach this record to Financial Profile (Assets) - You could add a feature for repayable loans - You could have users specify whether this is one-time assistance or recurring - You could combine this with the Housing Subsidies module in some way – I’d suggest adding an optional field to Financial Assistance that is a single select drop-down, that pulls the client’s housing records, and you could associate the Financial Assistance with Housing