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Address field in Housing Unit Search supercedes other fields

In Housing Placement \> Housing Unit search, there seems to be a bug related to the filter options screen. It looks like if you enter a value in the "Address" field it supercedes all the other fields, or at least some of the other fields, and they no longer do their job. I was searching for a very specific unit that I had created in [](, and there are 250 or so housing units. So I tried narrowing it down by "Shareable" - that worked - then by housing type - that worked, but my unit still wasn't on page 1 so I continued to filter. Then I typed in a partial address, just the first number. After I typed in the number 7, then I noticed it was showing me occupied units along with unoccupied units, even though my search was set to exclude occupied units (as is the default). I tried changing the shareable toggle and it also didn't do anything, although changing the toggle should have added or removed some units. I believe that if you put some text in the address field, it's somehow taking precedence over some of the other fields on the filter options screen.