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Clients visible in some search boxes they shouldn't be

**If you turn Clients in People Search on, which I think is the default, and then you have a service provider that has limited demographic visibility settings, and then you use a field that includes Clients and People, you can also search for and access clients you should normally not have access to.** Here’s the longer story: I was doing training and I created a client, "Arthur Pendragon" and somebody else created another client with the same name. I went through the software and demonstrated things like opening a case file. I'd type the name into the client name field and I'd see two results come up. We laughed about it. Anyways everything was fine until I got to Incidents. I typed in "pendragon" to the Involved field on Add Incident and then, WHOA... there are so many Arthur Pendragons. I mean, he's cool, we already discussed that, but I couldn't understand why there were suddenly **NINE (9)** different Arthur Pendragons when there had previously only been **two**. Nobody had added any files in the interim.  But I had to move along, training and all. I added a service restriction, which was normal, and a turnaway, again normal. And I almost would have forgotten about it until I sent a Message about my client and there were once again 9 not 2 Arthurs (in the Regarding) field. So then much later I'm logged in at a different service provider and I see that there are in fact 9 different Arthur client files. And then I realize that someone had actually changed the **demographic visibility settings (in Service Provider Settings)** for the service provider I was using so that adult females were not visible. And most of the Arthurs are actually female. Yeah, I know. Okay so anyways. I have in fact actually discovered a bug! And that is that **some of the fields do not respect the Demographic Visibility Settings. And in particular, that's the ones where the drop-down menu can include People and Users and Clients. And in particular, the Clients In People Search setting in Application Settings is turned on.**