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Homeless Days in CA Module

The latest version updated the coordinated access module, so the columns where it is calculating homeless days (i.e. homelessdaysin365) are now calculating based on the housing status changes. When a client has duplicated status changes like this, the days are being double-counted. So for example, if a hypothetical client first became chronically homeless January 1, and was still chronically homeless today (i.e. no changes in between), and this bug appeared and caused a new record to appear every day, then the total number of days homeless in the last year would look like this: - Jan 1 - Jun 1 = 151 days - Jan 2 - Jun 1 = +150 days - Jan 3 - Jun 1 = +149 days - Jan 4 - Jun 1 = +148 days - and so on, but the point is they all add together. So far we're at 598 days in the last year. But I believe it also might cap it logically at you can't be homeless for more than 365 days in a year. Here is an example of a client where this is the case: ![image.png]( The client has accumulated 511 days of homelessness in the past 3 years, but the CA module says they have 1060 days in the past three years. Here is the housing history showing admissions: ![image.png]( As you can see it's neat and simple, but here is the client's housing status changes history: ![image.png](