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Separate Relationships table Contacts/Families

The Relationship field in the Contacts module is the same field as the Relationship field in the Families module (it's the "People Relationships" table). **This is a problem and they should be different**. Why? Because a family should only contain household members, so the relationships should be limited to things like: brother, grandmother, son. In contrast, the Contacts relationships should contain a lot more options since you're looking at people in the client's network. Consider that it could include: Ontario Works caseworker, Children's Aid caseworker, Veteran Affairs caseworker, landlord, lawyer, housing first caseworker, eviction prevention caseworker, next of kin, emergency contact, child's teacher, doctor, and so on. It is functional, I guess, as is, but firstly, communities don't understand that it's the same table, so I've had lots of people ask why the dropdown menu in one place got updated when they changed the dropdown menu in the other place. Or, due to privacy concerns, they ONLY want professional relationships in the contacts module, whereas the families module is only personal contacts.