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Deleting services is problematic

Currently, when most records exist (for example, Turn Aways, Appointments, Incidents, SPDAT, VAT, Waiting List, client in a Waiting List, Income, Education, Contributing Factor, etc.), a user can navigate to the List page for that kind of record and click the Delete button in the Action column. However, this is not the case for many types of services. Several types of services, including Case Management, Goods and Services, Housing Placements, Housing Loss Prevention, and Food Bank, cannot be deleted from the List page or the Client List page. In order to delete them, one has to go to the Client Service Delete page. This is confusing because there's a user right to, for example, Delete Food Bank Record, and one to Delete Housing Loss Prevention, and one to Delete Housing Placement. A user might assume that granting the "Delete Housing Placement" right will allow a user to delete Housing Placements, but that is not the case. Instead, the user needs the Administrative right to Client Service Delete, and then if they have that right they can delete ALL services at ALL service providers. It makes much more sense to simply implement a consistent behaviour across the software: add the Delete button in the Action column to all types of records. But that's not the only deleting weirdness: - Group Activities cannot be deleted at all. - Calls and Visits Logs can be deleted from the Client - Call and Visit List, but not from the Call and Visit List. - Storage can be deleted from the Client - Storage List but not the Storage List. - Conflicts can be deleted from the Client - Conflicts List but not the Conflicts List. - Service Restrictions can be deleted from the Client - Service Restrictions List but not the Service Restrictions List.