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Actions missing in Audit Log

# Actions Missing from the Audit Log: - Running a report - Modifying Application settings or clusters - Modifying custom tables - Recording a custom table record - Modifying a custom table record - Modifying Express Goods and Services Templates - Modifying Food Bank Items - Modifying Housing Continuum - Modifying Look-Up Tables - Modifying Programs - Modifying Questionnaires - Modifying Service Providers - Sending a Broadcast - Client is an Attendee in a Group Activity - Add Contact Information (need confirmation) - List Contact Information (part of List Vitals) - List Physical Appearance (part of List Vitals) - List Languages (part of List Vitals) - List Client Comments (part of List Vitals) - List Dietary Requirements (part of List Health) - List Medication (part of List Health) - List Income (part of List Financial Profile) - List Expenses (part of List Financial Profile) - List Assets (part of List Financial Profile) - List Debts (part of List Financial Profile) - Accessing any Client List in Client Management - for example but not limited to: Client Incident List, Client Case Management List, Client Service Restrictions List (need confirmation) # Audit Log Idiosyncracies: - Behavioural Risk Factors and Watch Concerns are combined under the label "Behavioural Factor" - Contact Information is labeled as "Additional Information" - Debts are labeled as "Liability"