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HIFIS 4 Data Fallacies

2. Citizenship & Country of Birth. If you select Canadian Citizen - Born in Canada, then Country of Birth should automatically select Canada and you shouldn't be able to change it. If you select pretty much anything else, you shouldn't be able to select Canada as Country of Birth. 3. Consents. You can have multiple active consents, including consents of different types. So for example, you can create a Declined - Anonymous consent, and then later create an Explicit consent, but that leaves the Declined - Anonymous one open. 4. Reservations + Admissions. You can have a reservation for Client A and then when Client A arrives, you could book them in normally, ignoring the reservation, and then the same client has both a current bed and a reservation for one. 5. Income. You can have more than one Primary source of income. 6. Veterans. You can have a child veteran. Or you can have a veteran - canandian armed forces who is a refugee. 7. Indigenous. Should ALL people identifying indigenous status be Canadian Citizen - Born In Canada? Or what happens if you have, say, an American with indigenous identity? Should they be non-indigenous? So maybe what should happen is you ask about citizenship first and then if they say born in canada, then the indigenous status question appears (like some other areas of the software where a field is hidden unless you do X). if they don't say born in canada, the value captured is automatically "not indigenous"? 8. Overlapping Housing History records are possible. Overlapping Housing History and Stay records are also possible.