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Issue deploying reports

I was doing some work for a community and noticed they had a bunch of reports that needed to be deployed. So I downloaded one of them and it promptly disappeared from my screen. I panicked a little, thinking I had somehow lost their report, then I figured it out. The problem is that when you **download** a report for the first time, it has all of the mandatory fields blank: no service providers can run it. It's not in any report categories. So no user can actually access it except for the root admin. However, it's not necessarily true that the root admin will be the one taking the action of deploying new reports. I've seen some communities where they reserve root access for just a DBA, and grant their actual HIFIS administrators their own named accounts (i.e. like "Aryder" instead of "Admin") and they might have all of the rights, so they really SHOULD be able to do everything. My proposed fix is this: - Have a separate right that grants the ability to download and deploy new reports from the marketplace - When somebody with that right clicks the appropriate button, instead of just fetching the report, they are also prompted to define the report categories and service providers for the report on the same popup screen That way, the same person who downloads the report has the ability to also add a description and define who can use it.